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This is the latest in a series of posts on Data Structures, documenting my progress as I implement an STL like library called Telemetry. More here:

Today, let’s talk about Queues. Since my last post, I changed things in the Telemetry repository a bit — for one, I wrote a…

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Today, let me move on to another data structure we traditionally study after Linked Lists — the logical progression — Stacks.

Containers Vs. Container Adapters.

The Standard Template Library calls some data structures Containers and some, Container Adapters. The simple distinction between them — at least from what I have gathered — is that…

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Back in November 2019, I decided I needed to brush up my beyond-rusty C++ and so I decided to finally start working on a data-structures library while documenting my progress here on Medium. The idea was to walk my self through the design and implementation of such a library while…

Note: This article is part of a series of many articles focused on data structures and algorithms. See this for context:

A very general introduction.

What is a data structure?

A data structure is basically a group of data elements that are put together under one name, and which defines a particular way of storing and organizing data in…

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Data Structures and Algorithms is arguably one of the most important courses in Computer Science and Engineering curricula across universities. Fundamentally, the course emphasizes the ability to understand a problem, think of a solution and optimize it, all using the tools at our disposal.

The discussion on data structures starts…

"Hello Mr Seagull,
Can I take a picture?" 
I asked with keen eyes, 
Enthusiasm and bated breath

I wore my excitement on my sleeve,
Camera at the ready,
In my hand, the bait of bread…

Mr Seagull meanwhile did seagull things,
Cawing, flying, "Screw you, human," he said.

That was that until he saw my bait - the tasty, Sweetened, glistening bread! 
And before I knew it - in the blink of an eye - Mr Seagul dove…

Twisting, turning and stabbing his competition, towards land he sped!

"Oh golly, so much love for some fruit-bread?" I thought, holding in my hand the scrumptious spread.

Mr Seagull careened closer, he almost got my head! Alas, I was mistaken about his love for bread — The damn bird took my kid instead!

FIN. 😌

I’ve finally started blogging, and while sifting through ideas for my first post on Medium, I decided to share a little piece I wrote quite a while ago; and I’m curious to see how everything starting coming together a few posts from now!


Time… it flows.
Like an endless ocean.
It’s just…

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